Topiary – the ultimate taming of Nature

Landscape gardeners are a breed apart. We live and breathe the outdoors, taming the spaces around us and trying to enhance the wonderful job that nature has done. Sometimes we succeed in improving the environment for our clients and other times not so much.

Mother Nature can do a pretty awesome job – just look at beautiful wildflower meadows and natural groves of trees. Other times she needs a helping hand as brambles, nettles and pernicious weeds take over and offend our eye.  On the other hand, she can wreak havoc when left to live untamed with old buildings. Grasses and weeds sprout in every nook and cranny, eventually destroying buildings and foundations with their invasive roots. Trees undermine houses and work their way into drains. Destruction of the non-organic setting is assured given enough time. Everything reverts to nature over generations.

So our job is to produce gardens and landscapes that satisfy our clients and are pleasing to the eye. But we try to work with Mother Nature rather than undertake too many battles. Whether we succeed is subjective.